Our range is large. We regularly change our selection, taking note of what is in season and the availability of the product.  We have White moulds like Brie de Meaux, Camembert, Triple Cream; Washed rinds like Epoisses, Soumaintrain or Langres; Blue Moulds like Stilton, Roquefort, Bleu d'Auvergne, Shadow of Blue; Goat like Tomme d'Aquitaine, Mothais sur feuille, Crottin d'Antan, Sainte Maure; Ewe's milk cheeses like Ossau Iraty, Brebirousse, Manchego. We always have Gruyère , Comté and different Cheddars as Hafod, Pyengana and Oak smoked cheddar and many more. We always have a selection of about 60 different cheeses for your pleasure.
Cheese Selection

Cheese, cheese, cheese

Cheese Platter

Variety of Cheeses

French Brie
Old Telegraph Road "Fire Engine Red" & Heidi Tilsit

Tasmanian Heritage

Coulommiers Brie
St Marcellin
Ashgrove Vintage Cheddar

Mouth watering!

White Moulds and Goat's Cheese


Bruny Island selection
Nick Haddow's tom
Nick Haddow's Bruny Island Cheese
Bruny Island OEN
Echire Butter from France
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